EBFOA 2018 Scholarship Winners Announced

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The East Bay Football Officials Association (EBFOA) is a professional organization that provides officials for the West Alameda County Confernece (WACC), the Tri-County Athletic League (TCAL), the Bay Football League (BFL/NCL II) and the Oakland Athletic League (OAL).

Our membership is dedicated to ensuring that the highest level of safety, sportsmanship and fair play are exhibited in every football game officiated by the EBFOA. 

Members of the EBFOA recognize that education is the priority of the athletes we officiate and that is why the EBFOA is proud to offer an annual scholarship program in an effort to assist student athletes in  furthering their education at the college level.   The scholarship program is funded primarily by donations made by members of the EBFOA.

We encourage individuals interested in becoming part of our team to contact us for more information.Foo

Why Become a Football Official?
The two biggest reasons:  It's fun and we need people like you! If you are reading this you love football and are interested in contributing to maintaining the integrity of the game. When you join the East Bay Football Officials Association (EBFOA) you will meet and work with a great group of officials - some of whom will become new and even life-long friends.  You will also be contributing to your own personal growth.  It is a unique avocation that can take you as far as you want to go.  The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  Plus, it helps keep you active and in shape, you will earn a little extra money and best of all.....you will have the best seat in the house at every game!
How Do I Sign Up?
It's easy.  You don't need any prior experience in football officiating, just an understanding of the basics of the game.  You will be trained. Contacting the Association Assignment Coordinator Dennis DiFabio at d.difabio@comcast.net is the first step. 
What Should I Expect When I Join EBFOA?
There is a time commitment required.  In order to get games, you will need to attend our pre-season and in-season study sessions and attend a fun and educational day-long clinic which includes on-the-field training.   This training will give you better knowledge of rules, enforcement, officiating mechanics and game management.

And, of course, there are the game commitments:  In order to be a high school football official you will need to be available on Friday nights, as well as some Thursday nights and Saturdays.

There will also be some initial expenses.  You will need to purchase a uniform (with packages available through various websites for approximately $150 + black athletic shoes).  You will also pay an annual association fee of $100. You will make up those initial costs quickly.  Non-varsity games pay $65 and varsity games pay $80.   Officials can be assigned as many as 30+ games per season, depending on your availability to work games.

Advancing To College or NFL Games?
In order to become eligible to officiate high school varsity games, you will have to demonstrate a higher level of rules knowledge, on-field competence and pass a multiple choice test sanctioned by the National Federation of High School Sports.  After some years of officiating, it is then possible to advance to Junior College games after you have demonstrated strong competence for officiating and pass ever more difficult tests and attend more study sessions and clinics geared specifically towards college rules.  From there, the next steps are NCAA Division II or III, then joining the top officials.....the "Div 1" guys.

To achieve the ultimate and get into the NFL, you must be one of the elite officials in the country.  It's not easy, but if you start early enough in life, dedicate yourself to becoming a better official and demonstrate the highest level of competence, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities!

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2018 Meeting Dates posted, check Arbiter.  Clinic at Salesian, August 4th.

2018 EBFOA Scholarship Winners Announced

2018 Banquet and Scholarship Event - October 30 at the Alameda Elks Lodge

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